What Is Peacock TV And How To Activate Peacock TV Roku?

Here we introduce the top streaming service, Peacock TV to stay entertained. Peacock TV is the entertaining video service owned by NBC Universal. You can watch popular Movies, TV Shows, Peacock Originals, Timeless Classics, Kids Programming, Sports, Live News Updates, and much more. Activate the Peacock TV Roku gadget or subscribe to the packages offered to begin streaming. Also, get the best Peacock TV plan to unlock every episode of your favorite shows

What Are The Top Peacock TV Channel Packages Available To Stream The Entertaining Shows?

Peacock, Peacock Premium, and Premium plus are the top packages offered. Select and pay the subscription charges to subscribe. We always recommend choosing the affordable plan that suits your budget

  1. The Peacock package is free. You can sign up by visiting the appropriate website portal to subscribe to this package
  2. If the Peacock Premium package is your choice, pay $4.99 per month
  3. The Peacock premium plus package costs $9.99 per month.

Note – The Peacock Premium and Premium plus package offer a free trial before the subscription.

How To Get Peacock TV On Roku?

The guidelines below can help you to activate Peacock TV on Roku. Spend your quality time reading

  1. Choose a compatible Roku device and connect the device to the TV
  2. Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Express/Express+, Roku Premiere/Premiere+, Roku Ultra/Ultra LT, Roku TV, and Smart Sound bar are the models compatible to stream Peacock Roku channel
  3. Turn on your device and select the Language, Display, and Network settings
  4. If the above step is complete, start creating a Roku account by visiting the appropriate account creation page
  5. Sign in to the account and begin the channel search by visiting the channel store
  6. Select the Peacock TV Roku channel and click on the icon, add to add the channel to your account
  7. Sign in with the appropriate channel account credentials after launching the channel app
  8. The users who do not have an account can create one by visiting the account creation portal
  9. Find the activation code and provide the code by visiting the page, peacocktv.com/activate to complete the channel activation
  10. It’s hard to avoid Peacock Roku channel streaming and activation issues that pop up. You can easily fix it by choosing the appropriate troubleshooting guide

How To Create Peacock TV Account To Proceed With The Activation?

The new users who do not have Peacock TV account can follow the steps below to create one

  1. Visit the account creation portal using your mobile device or tablet
  2. Establish a secure network connection
  3. Click on the Peacock TV account sign up tab
  4. Then provide the Email address, Password, and other required data
  5. Tap on the submit tab to complete the account creation process
  6. Provide valid credentials for sign-in. Else you may get stuck with account login errors

Top Shows And Movies To Stream On Peacock TV

Are you excited to start streaming? Here we suggest the top Peacock TV Roku channel shows. Find your favorite shows from the list below


  • Brave New World
  • Yellow Stone
  • Law And Order
  • Departure
  • Intelligence
  • Young Rock


  • Mayor
  • Superstore
  • Chicago Med
  • Resident Alien
  • Saved By The Bell
  • Punky Brewster


  • Transplant
  • Code 404
  • Top Chef
  • Cleopatra In Space
  • This Is US
  • Suits


  • Manifest
  • Modern Family
  • Snapped
  • Chicago Fire
  • This Old House
  • Project Blue Book

To Activate Peacock TV Channel On Your Computer

You can stream Peacock TV channel from your Computer as well. At first, install the channel app by visiting the device app store. Log in using the appropriate channel account credentials. You can also link your TV provider account to start streaming

Guidelines To Add And Activate Peacock TV On Your Smartphone

To know how to watch Peacock on your Smartphone, follow the steps below

  1. Switch on your Smartphone and start connecting your device to the Network
  2. Then choose the device settings that you prefer
  3. Visit the Peacock TV sign up portal and provide the signup data to create an account if you are a new user
  4. Access the device app store and search to find the peacock TV channel app
  5. Download and install the channel app
  6. Launch the added channel app
  7. Then log in using the Peacock TV account credentials
  8. Now select the best Peacock TV channel packages to subscribe. You need to pay the appropriate subscription charges
  9. If error codes pop up while streaming, uninstall the channel app and install it again. You can also restart your device once

Get Help To Activate The Peacock TV Channel Using The Portal – Peacocktv.com/activate

If you are new to Peacock TV channel, our customer support executives can assist you. Ring the support number and wait until your call is transferred to our customer support executives


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